Errata List

  • A list of detected errata is available and will be updated as needed. This is also available as a vignette in the fastR2 R package.

fastR2 R package

The fastR2 R package is available via CRAN

or GitHub

install_github("rpruim/fastR2", build_vignettes = TRUE)

Updates to the GitHub version of the package are more frequent than updates on CRAN.


Code chunks from the text can be executed using the snippet() function.

## ## snippet: histogram01
## > gf_histogram( ~ Sepal.Length, data = iris)

Bug reports

If you detect an problems with the R package, please post an issue on GitHub.

Solutions to Exercises

I’m working on a set of solutions to the exercises in the text. Instructors may request solutions to exercises by sending email to rpruim at Include a description of the course you are teaching and a link to your course home page or other indicator that you are the instructor of a course using Foundations and Applications of Statistics.